Sunday Morning Grill Closed Until Further Notice

SCW Men's Ministry

Serving Together

The mission of this God-loving, good-natured group of men is to provide outreach to the SCW Christian Church congregation, the Sun City West community, and the missions supported by SCW Christian Church.  They assemble once a month for  a breakfast meeting  to discuss successes, current projects and future plans that fall within their mission statement.  

Two major programs to which men have pledged their time and efforts are:  The “Member Assistance Program” provides men who can make minor home repairs, home maintenance or yard work to those who are not able physically or financially to perform this work.

The “Member Transportation Program” provides transportation to/from medical appointments, pharmacies, grocery stores, financial institutions, church events or similar transportation needs.

The Men’s Fellowship/Ministry is not all work and no play.  The men have attended a variety of events of interest to men such as auto and air shows, museums, sporting events, and just good man talk.

Come join us in the Lord’s work 

and in the love of His people.